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Luxury Watch winders

Highest precision for your Haute Horlogerie.

Collectors of top-notch automatic watches know that the best watch speeds can only be achieved if the barrel tension is always in the optimum range. But this is exactly what differs between models.

Cooperating with Erwin Sattler Manufacture in Munich, we are able to equip our safes and cabinets with high-precision watch winders. The Sattler-Beluwo® technology – protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office – guarantees technical perfection and uttermost comfort: Each drum has its own motor and can be programmed individually to move your watches independently but always as good as possible. 

An integrated data base with more than 10,000 wrist watches guarantees the optimal movement rhythm for each model. Number of rotations, rotation direction, active and idling phases, each detail exactly corresponds to the specifications set by the manufacturer. Programming is simply WLAN effected via Smartphone or tablet PC.


Watch winders for the world's best watches.

In order to offer a representative framework to your valuable watches, independently of our safes, too, we offer exclusively made watch winder cabinets of the renowned Munich-based manufacture Erwin Sattler.

Equipped with the patented Sattler-Beluwo® movement technology, your automatic watches will be moved optimally and at the same time presented elegantly and in high quality.











Luxury Watch winders – ultimate precision for your Haute Horlogerie.

High-end automatic self-winding watches are among the most sought-after collectibles. And collectors know that the best accuracy is achieved if the tension of the watch’s mainspring is kept in the ideal range. That’s exactly what Stockinger watch winders do by moving your valuable watches precisely according to the manufacturer specifications for that model. With a 16-hour active phase and an 8-hour resting phase, watch winders by Stockinger perfectly simulate how a watch is naturally worn.

Watch winder cabinets – irrespective of a safe.

Watch collectors around the world have relied on our innovative watch winders for many years. You can decide whether to display your collection in one of our high-quality watch winder cabinets made in Germany or protect it from unauthorised access in one of our first-class watch safes. Either way you can be certain that there is no better place to keep your valuable watch collection.

What makes Stockinger watch winders so special?

Our watch winder technology is protected by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and guarantees utmost precision. Each watch holder can be configured individually using a database containing specifications for more than 10,000 different watch models. Our technology lets you individually control how each watch in your watch winder moves. You can configure the individual motors simply and quickly on your smartphone or tablet.

Stockinger watch winders “Made in Germany”.

Some people grin when they hear about the meticulousness and attention to detail associated with the famous “German art of engineering”. To us, perfection is what we do everyday, particularly when it comes to our watch winder technology. The result: more than 15 patent applications with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) – and perhaps the best watch winders in the world.