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Stockinger Safes

The matching model for every demand. 

At 5 basic sizes for private persons and 2 special models for hotels, Stockinger offers matching safe solutions for the most varied demands.

Stockinger Hotel Safe

Contrary to common hotel safes, the smallest Stockinger model does not have to be hidden. Thanks to its clear modern design and its top-notch manufacture, it matches any design-oriented hotel interior perfectly.

Stockinger Hotel Cube

The world’s maybe most extravagant hotel safe: Several layers of black high-gloss varnish, combined with a fully chromium-plated handle of massive brass, Stockinger Hotel Cube looks timelessly elegant. In the interior, one or two drawers covered in Stockinger Suede offer generous space for documents and personal valuables.

Stockinger Cube

Perfect for second residences, holiday homes or yachts: The compact safe Cube has the complete security equipment of the “large” Stockinger safes including Stocktronic locking system and may be completely individualized just like the latter.


Stockinger Sirius

As an elegant solution for medium-sized collections of watches and jewelry, the safe Sirius harmonically integrates into dressing rooms and bedrooms. The control panel attached to the upper ensures comfortable operation.

Stockinger Hyas

Developed specifically for the needs of watch collectors, the safe Hyas offers much space for the secure and representative storing of your collection in its 8 spacious drawers and 18 or more watch winders. The double-wing door is therein multi-walled and locked with a specific security system at all 8 sides.

Stockinger Chimera

For many, Chimera is the epitome of a private safe – impressive and representative. At up to 16 individually designed drawers, it offers generous space for watches and jewelry and for documents, cash and other valuables.


Stockinger Phoenix

Imposing in any respect is the safe Phoenix, which is our largest safe model. Even extensive collections of jewelry or watches can be stored here in clear structure, for example up to 70 individually controlled watch winders can be integrated.

Stockinger safes – the right design for every need.

Our manufacture specialises in creating custom safes. Unique safes that we design and build to meet the needs of our customers from all over the world. We customise each safe to any technically feasible customer specification – with short turnaround times. Tell us about your personal ideas and needs. We offer extensive personal consultation as safes are often kept in the family for generations.

What makes Stockinger safes so special?

Each safe we create is unique. With our countless exterior and interior design customisation options, we can realise almost any design concept. All of our safes meet the highest security standards – no one has been able to break into a Stockinger safe since the company’s founding in 1978. Thanks to this combination of design and security, Stockinger has been setting the bar on the global market for the finest safes and vault rooms for decades.

How secure is a Stockiger safe?

The answer is simple: extremely secure. This high security is due in part to our patented Stocktronic locking system, which we install in a retractable drawer. Our safes are also armoured with corundum stone, second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, and the world’s hardest steel. The result: safes that comply with the VDS III to V security classes and the specifications issued by banks. Good to know: Your home alarm system can be connected to the Stockinger IT interface to send a silent alarm in case of dangerous threat.

What to consider when buying a safe.

German VDS certification in compliance with EN 1143-1 is an international standard for safe security and is applied by the top insurance companies the world over as the basis for determining insured value. The VDS III through VDS V security classes are perfect for private individuals. Certified safes always bear the VDS seal on the inside of the safe’s door. Be sure to look for it before you buy a safe.

Stockinger safe security classes.

Each one of these masterpieces offers maximum security thanks to its unique design, armoured elements and patented locking system. In Switzerland Stockinger safes are classified by the SSV (Swiss Insurance Association) as “safety deposit box list II” and “armoured safe list I”. The VDS III and IV security classes defined by the VDS (German Association of Property Insurers), which comply with the EU standard EN 1143-1, also apply to bank safes.

How big should my safe or safety deposit box be?

Stockinger safes provide exceptional protection for your jewellery, jewels, watches, art, weapons and, of course, cash. We work together with our customers to identify their personal needs and create the perfect interior for their safety deposit box. We begin by selecting the right height for your drawers and wrap up the process by customising the trays, e.g. providing optimal security for cash in different currencies.

What safe sizes do we offer?

Basically any size you need. We design safes in any size and dimensions within the realm of technical feasibility, e.g. particularly “flat” safes to be integrated into narrow wardrobes. We offer 2 standard safe formats for hotel and luxury chalets and 5 sizes for private individuals and jewellery and watch collectors, which serve as the basis for our custom sizes and designs.

Masterpiece safes “Made in Germany”.

At Stockinger we are obsessed with perfection: in our safes, our employees and ourselves. Our master craftsmen check and test each component up to 10 times before it is installed. All components are handcrafted in Switzerland and Germany and then turned into masterpieces by highly skilled experts at our factory. We only use the highest quality choice materials. The result: high security safes “made in Germany”.