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The perfect watch safe


Specifically developed for the needs of serious watch collectors, the Hyas safe offers a lot of space for the secure and representative storing of your collection including 18 to 54 watch winders. The double-winged door is multi-walled therein and locked with a specific security system at all 8 sides.


Technical Details

  • Dimensions “wood” (HxWxD): 107 x 126 x 78 cm (plus 7 cm handle)
  • Dimensions “wood” (HxWxD): 42.1 x 49.6 x 30.7 inches (+ 2.8“ handle)
  • Dimensions “varnish” (HxWxD): 102 x 116 x 73 cm (plus 7 cm handle)
  • Dimensions “varnish” (HxWxD): 40.2 x 45.7 x 28.8 inches (+ 2.8“ handle)
  • Security level: Built pursuant to VDS III / EN 1143-1
  • TRYDTON© armored protection incl. corundum stones for door drill- and diamond core drill protection
  • Seismic detector systems available / surcharge
  • All-round locking system (VDS III): A security-bolt mechanism locks (Ø=40mm / 1.6 inches steel bolts) each Stockinger safe on all four sides. Trying to open the safe by force will permanently lock all bolts.
  • Net weight: ca. 980 kg / 2,160 lbs (wood) // ca. 940 kg / 2,072 lbs (varnish)
  • Maximum working interior height: 76,4 cm / 30 inches
  • Volume: ca. 210 l
  • Electronic locking system: Stocktronic (eight-digit numerical code)
  • Lock: PAXOS Compact, motor-drive mechanism with 100% redundancy
  • Integrated IT interface for silent alarm / connection to the house alarm system
  • Bolting possibility on the base of the safe
  • Fire protection: High temperature fire sealant, melting point > 1.000°C / DIN 4101 A1
  • The power supply of the safe is SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) of 12-24V. Our clients are receiving a high-quality power supply (110-240V) upon delivery (for watch winders and LED lighting)

Individual Design


  • Wood: Any kind of wood & color available
  • Varnish: Any RAL or automotive color available
  • Multi-color varnish (personalisations, monograms, intials, etc.) available / surcharge
  • Lacquering finish: High gloss is standard, silk matt or matt finish available / surcharge
  • Handle in Stockinger Gold (24K gold-plated ) or Silver (chromium-plated) milled full brass; other colors available/surcharge
  • Bespoke handles available / surcharge
  • Engravings (initials, name, logo, etc.) on handles available / surcharge


  • Interior in any kind of wood & color available
  • 8 or more drawers available
  • Drawer fronts in carbon fibre, varnish, wood / veneer or quilted leather available / surcharge
  • Top-notch inserts for jewelry and watches, covered in Suede, available / surcharge
  • Free selection of Stockinger Suede, ca. 80 different colors
  • 18 precision watch winders per deck available / surcharge (in a drawer with a glass front)
  • 36 precision watch winders (in 2 decks) available / surcharge (in 2 drawers with a glass front)
  • 54 precision watch winders (in 3 decks) available / surcharge (in 3 drawers with a glass front)
  • LED lighting is standard (electronic control via an optical sensor)

Personal consultation


At Stockinger your personal requirements and visions are center of attention. 40 years of experience in building safes and safe rooms globally enables us to fulfill close to any requirement, as exceptional as it might be. Discretion and personal consultation are our topmost priorities, we are gladly at your service to manufacture unique safe-masterpieces from a creative vision to outstanding designs with impeccable quality in every detail. The procurement of such exclusive safes and safe rooms requires a high level of trust. This trust from our international clients is most valuable to us and we will do our uttermost to exceed their requirements and expectations.

Please leave us a short note, we will soon contact you for a confidential consultation.

Safes in stock

Ready for dispatch. Directly ex works.

Sometimes, it has to be fast – even with a safe. Therefore, we always have a selection of fully equipped and varnished safes, that may be ordered immediately and generally be delivered and installed all over the world within a few weeks.

The perfect safe with watch winders – Hyas by Stockinger.

The collections of passionate collectors rarely get smaller over time. The Hyas safe was inspired by collectors who want to keep up to 200 valuable watches safe and displayed in style. And keep their sensitive automatic self-winding watches moving with precision.

Looking for a safe with 18 or more watcher winders? Look no further.

The Hyas safe is a perfect fit if you own an extensive watch collection and would like to integrate 18 or more watch winders into a secure safe. The Hyas can be equipped with extractable drawers featuring up to 18 watch winders each as well as custom jewellery trays.

Your advantage: Stockinger watch winders move each automatic self-winding watch individually according to manufacturer specifications.

Watch enthusiasts and collectors rely on our watch winders. The Hyas watch safe features 18 (or more) precision watch winders that can be individually configured via WiFi, making Hyas an elegant, functional and highly secure place to keep your valuable watch collection safe. Each watch is moved and wound according to manufacturer specifications while beautifully displaying the faces of your timepieces after each revolution.

Watch winder safe with silent alarm.

More information on the features we offer. Just like all of our Stockinger safes, there is no room for compromise when it comes to the security of our Hyas safe. With 5-cm armour made of the world’s hardest steel and corundum stone the outer walls are practically impenetrable. Our patented Stocktronic locking system featuring an 8-digit code is used to open the safe. The integrated IT interface allows you to send a silent alarm in case of danger. Your Hyas safe not only protects your private property but also ensures your personal safety.

Hyas, the Stockinger watch winder safe “Made in Germany”.

Hyas is one of the most customisable safes by Stockinger. Not only can customers decide whether the exterior should look more like a safe or a piece of furniture, they can also choose between the perfect lacquer or a refined solid wood finish. Our master carpenters are expert wood craftsmen and will create a masterpiece for you that is made to last generations. It goes without saying that all parts of your watch winder safe are made in Switzerland and Germany and are assembled by hand at our safe manufacture near Munich. Top quality “made in Germany”.