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Safe rooms

More room for your selection.

Valuable collections do not only want to be stored safely but also be presented in the best possible way. If a Stockinger safe is too small for your collection, we will develop individual vault rooms.

To perfectly protect the access, the admission systems are based on just as demanding security concepts as in our safes. And, of course, our design specialists will take care of the matching interior design, with tailor-made showcases for objects of art and jewelry, document drawers, weapon cabinets or watch winders.

Discretion has preference.

Vault rooms are always subject to uttermost secrecy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to understand that, for reasons of discretion, we cannot publish any photos or detailed information regarding realized vault rooms.

If you are interested in your own safe room, please contact us via phone: +49 89 124 138 960 or e-mail: and we will discretely take care of your request.


  • Protection against drones / air defence systems
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Dead man switches for security guards
  • Video monitoring systems / infrared cameras
  • Nebulisation systems / irritant gas in anteroom(s)
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Gas detection systems in fresh air inlet openings
  • Oxygen emergency supply
  • Satellite telephone / emergency communication
  • Fire dampers for fresh air ventilation systems
  • Emergency power incl. lighting
  • Any other defence- & tactical action required


In over thirty years of developing the key components that make a unique safe with a modern design, we’ve learned quite a bit. Adapting ideas and concepts into a variety of luxury safes, gun cabinets and safe rooms allows Stockinger quality to be one-of-a-kind. Stockinger has dialed in on client demands toprovide world-class safes of all sizes and styles, to ensure every demand is met.

Once the demand came to fruition for a much bigger safe, we developed our classic Stockinger quality safe into the size of a safe room. Whether it is for larger sized collections, personal valuables, or personal safety for you and your family within your home, our individually built vault rooms provide the security, presentation and personalisation of all Stockinger masterpieces. Designed for residential as well as commercial properties your collection is safe and the management of the safe room couldn’t be easier. No matter what state, county or community you live in we have a solution for you.


At Stockinger, we specialise in developing end-to-end security concepts for our clients, not only providing the actual panic room but also focusing on security-relevant building features. Our safe rooms customisation allows them to be protected space for collections of jewelry, collectibles, personal valuables and even yourself and your family in a warranted situation.

The Stockinger brand has been exclusively specialising in our clients’ security since 1978. No one has ever been able to break into a Stockinger safe or high security vault and we plan to keep it that way. To protect the access, the admission systems are based on just as demanding security concepts as in our luxury safes​. And our design specialists will take care of the matching interior design, with tailor-made showcases for art pieces and jewelry collections. We offer a variety of customisations like document drawers, gun cabinets and luxury watch winders to make your vault room fully equipped with everything you need for storage and security.


When one of our smaller safes isn’t big enough for your valuables, we customise an alternative vault room. Ensuring a generous amount of secure space to keep your valuables uncluttered is necessary for large delicate collections. Our team together with our customers work together to distinguish their personal needs and size restraints, so your Stockinger vault room provides the reliable security you need for a lifetime.

We offer customisable options for each safe like sizing, interior installations, precision watch winders, and more. These customisations bring high quality security design into one unique safe. In addition to protecting your valuables,safe rooms serve as a protective space and shelter should a threatening situation occur. We treat each high security vault room (known as panic room) we design with the utmost discretion.


Because safe rooms and vault rooms serve a separate purpose for everyone, all of our safe rooms and vault rooms are entirely customisable. Vault rooms are always subject to uttermost secrecy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to understand that, for reasons of discretion, we cannot publish any photos or detailed information regarding realized vault rooms. In a personal consultation, our CEO, Mr. Matthias Fitzthum can help to create, develop, and design the perfect safe room for your home or business. He is gladly at your service via his mobile phone at +49 151 564 23 149 or e-mail:


Although it’s the entire purpose of a safe, but still people commonly ask, “how secure is it?” In fact, Swiss and German insurance associations created a list of defined security classes for safes to answer this question a little bit easier. At the top of said list, you’ll find Stockinger safes and cabinets.

Our top tier safes are the highest security safes on the market. Each one of our new luxury safes come with multi-wall construction, overlead locking, Stocktronic locking system, independent power supply and a silent alarm. Every safe offers maximum security thanks to its unique design, armoured elements and patented locking system. In Switzerland Stockinger safes are classified by the SSV (Swiss Insurance Association) as “safety deposit box list II” and “armoured safe list I”.

Stockinger safes are as secure as your bank. No one has yet been able to break into a Stockinger safe in 40 years of production and development. Each one of our luxury safes offers maximum security with their unique design, armoured construction and patented locking system.

Each of our luxury safes are constructed with the following detailed specifications:


Professional collectors and owners of irreplaceable and valuable goods understand today the importance of relying on your security system. Aroundthe world, collectors entrust Stockinger safes with their most valuable possessions and deservedly so. Stockinger safes have been developed with a variety of main security features to ensure the best security on the market which will withstand extreme weather conditions including storms and even tornadoes!


The multi-wall construction enables the Stockinger hotel safe to provide maximum security at minimum weight. To further armor the safe, an ultra-hard mixture of special polymers, among others, is used, producing armor six times the hardness of any common armoring.


A security-bolt mechanism will lock each Stockinger safe at every four sides. Trying to open the safe by force will permanently lock all bolts, ending all attempts of breaking in failure.


The patented Stocktronic locking system guarantees security while providing excellent operating comfort and ease. Pressing the Stockinger logo at the upper part of the cabinet will reveal “invisibly” arranged operating chest.


An integrated battery system makes the locking system independent from the external power supply, so the power source isn’t spread thin between multiple appliances. No power problem will compromise the safety of your belongings in a Stockinger hotel safe.


Stockinger safes don’t only provide the highest security of the objects kept inside, but also provide security and peace of mind for their owner. Inputting a specific key code into the Stocktronic control panel on your safe can send a “silent alarm” as emergency signal, in case of any threatening or suspicious situation.


The trust one has in a safe protecting their valuables carries over into having trust for the people who made the safe. We know that our customers trust is first and foremost. So, we make it a point to satisfy all requirements and expectations a customer might have in regards to design and security.

We offer installations of our luxury safes, the Stockinger ​gun cabinet​, and vault rooms, as well as integration with alarm systems to ensure safety. After installed, our personal service demonstrates instructions of how exactly a Stockinger safe works, from admission systems to the detailed interior design.

Please feel free to ask any questions for additional doubts you have and if you’re interested in a personal consultation for a custom safe room, ​contact our CEO​, Mr. Matthias Fitzthum.