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Stockinger Portfolio

Highest quality for collectors with highest demands

Whether you are looking for the perfect storage and presentation of your watch collections, or individually designed and bespoke safes für jewels, jewelry, art, weapons or even customized vault rooms - whenever highest possible security is your demand for your collections, we will be glad to assist you.

Stockinger Hotel Safe

Contrary to common hotel safes, the smallest Stockinger model does not have to be hidden. Thanks to its clear modern design and its top-notch manufacture, it matches any design-oriented hotel interior perfectly.

Stockinger Hotel Cube

The world’s maybe most extravagant hotel safe: Several layers of black high-gloss varnish, combined with a fully chromium-plated handle of massive brass, Stockinger Hotel Cube looks timelessly elegant.

Stockinger Cube

Perfect for second residences, holiday homes or yachts: The compact safe Cube has the complete security equipment of the “large” Stockinger safes including Stocktronic locking system and may be completely individualized just like the latter.

Stockinger Sirius

As an elegant solution for medium-sized collections of watches and jewelry, the safe Sirius harmonically integrates into dressing rooms and bedrooms. The control panel attached to the upper ensures comfortable operation.

Stockinger Hyas

Developed specifically for the needs of watch collectors, the safe Hyas offers much space for the secure and representative storing of your collection in its 8 spacious drawers and 18 or more watch winders. The double-wing door is therein multi-walled and locked with a specific security system at all 8 sides.

Stockinger Chimera

For many, Chimera is the epitome of a private safe – impressive and representative. At up to 16 individually designed drawers, it offers generous space for watches and jewelry and for documents, cash and other valuables.

Stockinger Phoenix

Imposing in any respect is the safe Phoenix, which is our largest safe model. Even extensive collections of jewelry or watches can be stored here in clear structure, for example up to 70 individually controlled watch winders can be integrated.

Stockinger weapon safes

To protect and represent your collection, we have developed specific weapon safes that do not leave any open demands.

Stockinger Vault rooms

Valuable collections do not only want to be stored safely but also be presented in the best possible way. If a Stockinger safe is too small for your collection, we will develop individual vault rooms.

Stockinger Watch Winders

Collectors of top-notch automatic watches know that the best watch speeds can only be achieved if the barrel tension is always in the optimum range. But this is exactly what differs between models.