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Stockinger Gun Cabinets

The securest place for fine weapons.

To protect and represent your collection, we have developed specific weapon safes that do not leave any open demands.

Stockinger gun cabinets

Developed specifically for the special needs of hunters, our Gun Cabinet offers the perfect storage for up to 8 rifles, plus pistols and ammunition. Moreover, if required so, it contains 6 exclusive watch winders.


Since 1978, Hans Stockinger and the Stockinger team have been creating top-of-the-line security solutions. With 40 years of development and growth, Stockinger has dialed in on client demands to provide world-class safes of all sizes and styles, to ensure every demand is met.

The Stockinger gun cabinet is designed especially for the passionate hunter, specifically constructed to suit the special needs of hunters. Our gun cabinet offers the perfect storage for your gun and ammunition collection, in a sleek design that integrates well with any interior designed space offering easy security with adequate capacity for your outdoor hunting collection.


Your style is unique. We don’t think you should have to compromise style in order to get your perfect gun cabinet or ​luxury safe​. Each safe leaving our manufacture is tailor made and corresponds on its entire aesthetic exactly to the style and passion of its new owners.

Stockinger quality means you receive superb craftsmanship “Made in Germany”. All components are manufactured by experienced specialists in Germany or Switzerland and then handcrafted to create unique safes. Stockinger gun cabinets are primarily designed in compliance with German / European law and sought after in locations throughout the world.


When you make an investment, you should always get what you want. We integrate our clients wants and needs with a handful of customisable features. Speak with the Stockinger team for a personal consultation regarding your exclusive made-to-order gun cabinet. With easy shipping and rights reserved only for you – you will find our top services second to none.

We take our craft seriously, so you can rely on the promise of the Stockinger claim. Without compromising the security of your safe, our perfect craftsmanship focuses on the interior and exterior design specifications of our client, to create the world’s best safe. The key to our success is our many years of experience and continuing research into our next gun storage project.

We can generally create any size or dimension of your Stockinger weapon safe, keeping your customisation options endless. We even offer custom options like luxury watch winders installed inside your weapon safe. Precision watch winders can be integrated into your weapon safe according to your specifications to offer better organization and quality security for your valuables. Our gun safe products and accessories are the top in the market and you can view them online on our webpage or, please send an email for more info and we will get back to you in no time.


Carefully crafted and designed, our gun cabinets blend design and security in the perfect way. Our intent focus on the manufacturing and specifications gives each cabinet the ability to integrate into any room. They even make the perfect gift!

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 165.5 x 115.5 x 55 cm (plus handle)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 65,1 x 45,4 x 21,7 inches (plus handle)
  • Security level: ECBS 1
  • Net weight: ca. 400 kg
  • Locking system: e.g. biometric fingerprint scan, Primor 3200, etc.


Creating bespoke gun cabinets allows a wide variety of options to perfectly suit our client’s needs. We offer various customisable aspects of the gun cabinet, including exterior and interior components to make the exact cabinet you want to invest in. With our highly trained staff your list of needs will be quickly evaluated and met.


  • Body and door in a dark brown lacquer, or any other color
  • Housing and door in high-gloss or matt varnish
  • Color freely selectable
  • Handle of milled and chromium-plated full brass
  • Operating unit chromium-plated
  • Individual handle selectable


  • Interior e.g. made of Rosewood and leather stitched with decorative seams 4 drawers made of Rosewood 1 inner compartment for ammunition, lockable holder for 8 rifles
  • Interior distribution defined by customer requirements
  • Wood and fabrics individually selectable
  • Holder for e.g. 8 rifles
  • 3 small drawers for pistols (height - approx. 10.5 cm)
  • 1 large drawer, with quilted calfskin layout (height approx. 29.5 cm)
  • 1 separately lockable interior drawer for ammunition
  • 1 BELUWO Module with 6 luxury watch winders or more if required
  • Internal illumination system (LED)


Want to enjoy your most beautiful self-winding watches on your hunting trips? We have the perfect unit for you. Our luxury watch winders can be integrated into your gun cabinet according to your specifications.


Locking Systems - When it comes to weapon safes, there are several locking systems to choose from that comply with EN 1143-1. Some examples are fingerprint scanners or the common number combination locks.

Overleaf Locking
A security-bolt mechanism will lock each Stockinger safe at every four sides. Trying to open the safe by force will permanently lock all bolts.

Network Independent
An integrated battery system makes the locking system independent from the external power supply, so the power source isn’t spread thin between multiple appliances. No power problem will compromise the safety of your belongings in a Stockinger Gun Cabinet.


Our resistance grade 1 gun cabinets in compliance with EN 1143-1 can be designed to your specifications. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.

Weapon cabinet resistance levels A / B / 0 / 1
What are the differences?

Steel cabinet security class A with lockable interior compartment (VDMA 24992)

  • Up to 10 long guns
  • No handguns
  • Ammunition is exclusively stored in a lockable interior compartment

 Steel cabinet security class A with lockable interior compartment (VDMA 24992)

  • Up to 10 long guns
  • Up to 5 handguns in interior compartment
  • Ammunition is stored in one place in lockable interior compartment

 Steel cabinet security class B without interior compartment (VDMA 24992)

  • Unlimited number of long guns
  • Up to 10 handguns
  • No ammunition

 Steel cabinet security class B with lockable interior compartment (VDMA 24992)

  • Unlimited number of long guns
  • Up to 10 handguns in interior compartment
  • Ammunition is stored in one place in lockable interior compartment

 Steel cabinet resistance level 0 (DIN/EN 1143-1 or similar)

  • Unlimited number of long guns
  • Up to 10 handguns
  • Ammunition storage

 Stockinger gun cabinets:

  • Steel cabinet resistance level 1 (DIN/EN 1143-1 or similar)
  • Unlimited number of long guns
  • More than 10 handguns
  • Ammunition storage