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Technical Details

  • Dimensions (HxWxD exterior): 59.5 x 52 x 51 cm (+ 7 cm handle)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 23.4 x 20.5 x 20.1 inches (+ 2.8“ handle)
  • Security stage: Built pursuant to VDS I / EN 1143-1
  • Armouring with fire-protection
  • Net weight: ca. 125 kg
  • Volume: ca. 49 l
  • Electronic locking system Primor 3200 with emergency key
  • Four digit security code, individually adjustable by each guest
  • 1 master code
  • Power supply via 9V monoblock battery (locking system) 
  • The power supply of the safe is SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) of 12-24V. Our customers will receive a high-quality power supply (110-240V) upon delivery.

Individual Design


  • Housing and door in black high-gloss varnish
  • Handle of milled and chromium-plated full brass or 24K gold-plated
  • Logo-engraving in handle (optional)
  • Operating unit in Stockinger Gold or Silver


  • Stockinger Gold or Silver
  • Logo-engraving on inner door (optional)
  • 1 or 2 drawers (height: 6 or 8 cm can be chosen) covered in Stockinger Suede “Anthracite grey”
  • BELUWO Modules (height: 14 cm) with 3 watch winders can be integrated (optional)
  • Internal illumination system (LED) available

Personal consultation


At Stockinger your personal requirements and visions are center of attention. 40 years of experience in building safes and safe rooms globally enables us to fulfill close to any requirement, as exceptional as it might be. Discretion and personal consultation are our topmost priorities, we are gladly at your service to manufacture unique safe-masterpieces from a creative vision to outstanding designs with impeccable quality in every detail. The procurement of such exclusive safes and safe rooms requires a high level of trust. This trust from our international clients is most valuable to us and we will do our uttermost to exceed their requirements and expectations.

Please leave us a short note, we will soon contact you for a confidential consultation.

The Hotel Cube - A Fireproof Safe by Stockinger

Fireproof – and so much more. Many luxury hotels and chalets want to offer their guests exceptional service when it comes to security: spacious hotel safes with watch winders and several drawers for jewellery, jewels, watches and other valuables that travellers have brought with them. We developed our Hotel Cube safe precisely to meet these needs. Our Hotel Cube safe is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as our high security safes for private collectors. A safe that’s just as luxurious. With a safe like this it goes without saying that the 5-cm steel armour is also fireproof.

How do you fireproof a safe?

For our luxury safes we only use the highest quality in fireproof materials that comply with Swiss and German fireproofing standards. Our Hotel Cube safes are fireproof, which means that extreme heat produced by a fire cannot reach the safe’s interior, keeping your valuables safe. Our own company standards specify a maximum internal temperature of 100 degrees Celsius with an external fire temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius under a test duration of 90 minutes. You can depend on fireproof safes by Stockinger!

What is the VDS class of Stockinger fireproof safes?

We create and test our fireproof Hotel Cube safes in compliance with the EU standard EN 1143-1 and VDS resistance class 1 (one).

A fireproof safe, as secure as your bank. But more beautiful.

For passionate collectors, the contents of their safe are often irreplaceable and cannot be effectively protected by even the highest insurance coverage. Whether you collect jewellery, jewels, watches, art or other valuables, a fireproof safe is the best way to keep your collection safe. At Stockinger we customise fireproof safes to your needs.

How secure is a Hotel Cube fireproof safe?

Each Hotel Cube safe can, and should, be bolted down through the floor of the safe. We install the reliable Primor 3200 electronic locking system into each safe, making it possible for each guest to individually configure their own four-digit security code. The hotel management receives a master code for each safe that can be used if a guest forgets to remove their valuables from the safe before checking out.

Stockinger fireproof safes – masterpieces “Made in Germany”.

At Stockinger “made in Germany” is a promise of quality. Our highly skilled employees and master staff create unique safes in the finest tradition. Handcrafted and fully customised to our customers’ needs. We would be happy to create a custom fireproof safe in the tradition of German master craftsmanship especially for you.