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5 Top-Trending Luxury Home Decor Ideas for 2019

For luxury home owners, true opulence is in the details— the accents, accessories, and amenities that come together to create a home that is both exclusive and distinctive.

When executed well, the features of a luxury home are what separates the property from other comparable options, giving it an unequivocal appeal that speaks to anyone who views it.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the leading luxury home must haves for 2019, and discussing what makes each feature so sought-after in the market today.

Here are the five most-desired luxury home decor ideas of 2019:

1. Agate Side Table

Agate is a stunning gemstone that comes in a variety of colours and natural patterns. Because each piece of agate is one-of-a-kind, there are countless high-class real estate owners who collect this ornamental stone.

But for the most elite, owning a geode is shooting too low. They prefer to invest in luxe statement pieces and furnishings that are purposefully designed to awe even the most hypercritical of members of high society.

This designer console table features breathtaking zebra agate with emerald green, black, and cream tones, and hand-cast legs made of solid antique bronze, making it an emblem of luxurious living capable of enhancing any space.

2. Swarovski Sarella Pendant Light

This next addition to our luxury home features list will bring glamour, fascination, and sophistication to any room. The Swarovski Sarella pendant light is made from hand-finished metal and multifaceted crystal drops that shed a beautiful, soft light, and is bound to become a lasting keepsake.

Of course, potential buyers can expect to pay a considerable amount for such a timeless and iridescent chandelier, with the current value sitting at $4,678.00. But the unparalleled regalness of this piece promptly erases any second thoughts.

These are the types of decor features that define what makes a luxury home, taking a property from satisfactory to supreme.

3. Corian Bathtub by Boffi

Luxury mansion bedrooms are never complete without a striking and indulgent master ensuite. After all, the world’s wealthiest homeowners for wanting every square foot of their living space to exquisite, without exception.

The Corian bathtub from BOFFI is the epitome of lavish bathroom design. It’s sleek, polished design intentionally evades edges or joints, and is derived from 100% natural stone.

It’s designer, Claudio Silvestrin, is famed for his elegant and soulful minimalist designs, and this bathtub lives up to his reputation— making it a clear-cut choice for our list of luxury home decor ideas.

With that being said, the current price for one of these artful creations is a cool $20,000.00. Thus, it truly is reserved for those who have the financial flexibility to enjoy the finer things in life.

4. Tech20 Magic Mirror Bathroom TV

Tech20 is a luxury television manufacturer that is completely revolutionizing how TVs are integrated in the home.

Their bathroom TVs can be designed to look like mirrors when not in use, and are protected by waterproof encasements for worry-free enjoyment. Additionally, each unit comes with a crystal-clear, durable, tempered and heated luxury glass frame, and features concert-quality sound that will impress any listener.

These discrete, ultra-contemporary televisions are quickly becoming one of the most coveted luxury home amenities for distinguished real estate buyers who want unconventional decor features that go beyond the ordinary.

The final payout? Prices range between $1000.00 and $10,000.00, depending on the size of the TV and the range of features included.

5. Stockinger Compact Luxury Safe

For those who appreciate luxury home amenities that are both affluent and functional, Stockinger safes are an exemplary choice.

The world’s best luxury homes are inhabited by well-to-do individuals who have a keen eye and deep appreciation for the finest materials, collectibles, and fashions— making their personal belongings extremely precious.

A Stockinger safe is the ideal way to protect these high-value items. Each safe comes with an all-round locking system, providing security from every side. Additionally, they can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C, and come with a built-in integrated battery system, making the locking system independent from the external power supply.

But the benefits of a Stockinger safe aren’t limited to their unprecedented security levels. They can also be fitted with bespoke handles, and are enhanced with 18 layers of varnish for the perfect polished veneer. (More than a baby grand piano!)

Stockinger offers a range of safe sizes, each with customizable features, resulting in a range of pricing options to choose from. If you’ve always wanted a safe that is second-to-none in terms of aesthetic and technology, we encourage you to reach out to Stockinger.

We are globally endorsed by top-of-the-line jewelers, architects, interior designers, traders and superyacht designers, so you can be assured that the quality of your safe will never fall short of spectacular.

Interested in owning one of these prolific luxury home must haves for your prized posessions? Shop our portfolio of luxury safes today!