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A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Safes vs Dial Lock Safes.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the most compelling reasons to invest in a digital lock safe, as opposed to a combination lock safe.

An expert´s recommendation where & how to buy safes and home safes.

Choosing the right safe model and designing the exterior and interior of your new safe for your home or private office is sometimes more complex than you might think. Collections of precious valuables tend to grow permanently, so in order to assist our esteemed international clients in the best possible way, we set up an exceptional guide to where you can buy a safe or home safe.

5 Top-Trending Luxury Home Decor Ideas for 2019

Perfect craftsmanship; totally individual designs; handmade Masterpieces for people that are only satisfied by the best. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the leading luxury home must haves for 2019 and discussing what makes each feature so sought-after in the market today.


At Stockinger, we are offering uncompromising security and unique, elegant, creative interior & exterior design. Our masterpiece luxury safes are for esteemed clients who require the highest security in the most aesthetically pleasing design. If you are looking for bank-like security that fits in your home and is beautifully designed, then the high-end and custom made jewelry safes of Stockinger are just what you need.

A Complete Guide to Safe Ratings

When deciding on a safe, the well-being and security of your most valuable possessions are at stake. From family heirlooms, to documents containing sensitive information, or costly articles like jewelry and collectibles, the safe you select will be your greatest defense against a burglary or fire.

But how do you know you are investing in the absolute best form of security? It’s a question we hear quite frequently. And thankfully, there are burglary ​safe ratings ​that can provide the answer to this pressing concern.

We’ve decided to break down these various classifications, providing our readers with a clear, concise ​safe ratings​ guide they can depend on, because we know that every person who shops for a safe has their own exclusive requirements. And the key to finding an ideal solution is arming yourself with the right specifications.

Ten Premium Cigars We Recommend Trying in 2019

For the novice smoker, determining a high-quality cigar from other, more mediocre options can be a challenge. Many beginners aren’t aware of the nuances that separate first-rate stogies from their average, run-of-the-mill alternatives.

Fortunately, however, the differentiating factors are easy to learn. And once understood, they can lead to a more pleasurable smoking experience.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the ​best cigars in the world​ for your consideration.

Five of the Most Famous Jewels, Gemstones & Pieces of Jewelry in History

For hundreds of years, human beings have worn jewelry to signify their social status, their religious beliefs, and their marital unions.

In fact, the first known pieces of jewelry were ​beads made from seashells, which researchers believe were made as early as 110,000 years ago​.

Fast forward to today, and the reasons why people wear jewelry are much more vast - whether it’s an engagement ring to signify a romantic commitment, a royal crown worn by the world’s most elite, or everyday costume jewelry that offers the wearer enhanced creative expression, putting on jewelry is a customary practice across all cultures and societies.

But there are some famous jewels that are extraordinarily unique- offering a level of extravagance and opulence only the world’s most privileged collectors can afford.

These famous pieces of jewelry are notorious, coveted by jewelry experts and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what makes each piece so desirable and distinct, while also sharing the astonishing price tags they come attached to. Enjoy!


Visiting the ​best hotels in the world​ is an experience many people only dream of. Offering comforts and pleasures beyond the wildest imagination, these hotels are far from the average getaway. In fact, these hotel suites are typically only occupied by the world’s most elite travellers.

So what makes each of these hotels the ​world’s best resorts​? From Michelin-star chefs providing delectable dishes, to white sandy beaches and magnificent spa retreats, each offers a little slice of paradise unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

We’ve compiled this list of the ​best hotels in the world​ based on their unique features and high-end offerings. Take a look below!

The Most Expensive Watches & What Makes Them Worth The Price

Can you imagine wearing 18 million US dollars on your wrist? For most, the thought alone is worrisome, but to some of the world’s wealthiest, a renowned and reputable watch is worth the investment. But where do you find the world’s most expensive watches? And what makes them so valuable?